f7f03 7.27%
ecb88 3.64%
bbd7f 18.18%
84623 7.27%
26d3f 1.82%
d81b7 14.55%
159f8 1.82%
6675a 5.45%
7af7b 1.82%
399ec 5.45%
5ec2b 7.27%
d13bc 1.82%
c0f23 3.64%
767c9 5.45%
17099 1.82%
8631f 1.82%
c2617 3.64%
498c4 1.82%
9d85e 1.82%
c9b5e 1.82%
60e8e 1.82%
(Note, the developer publishes each variation of this file with the same version, but the hashes are unique.)


Remove libxml_plugin.dll
Warning 3 antivirus scanners has detected malware in various versions of libxml_plugin.dll.


libxml_plugin.dll has 21 known versions, the most recent one is . The average file size is about 1.17 MB. The programs VLC media player 2.0.1, VLC media player 2.0.3 and VLC media player 1.0.1 have been observed as installing specific variations of libxml_plugin.dll.

What is libxml_plugin.dll?

libxml_plugin.dll is a plugin for the VLC media player which is a cross-platform media player and streaming media server written by the VideoLAN project. VLC media player supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats, including DVD-video, video CD and streaming protocols. VLC is able to stream over computer network and to transcode multimedia files and has a modular design which makes it easier to include modules/plugins.


File name:libxml_plugin.dll
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\videolan\vlc\plugins\misc\libxml_plugin.dll

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of libxml_plugin.dll.)
Aiseesoft Studio
7% remove
Aternity Information Systems Ltd.
9% remove
Bandoo Media Inc
  74% remove
iLivid is a video download manager for YouTube and other third-party video hosted web sites. iLivid includes a bundled includes a bundled VLC Player as well as the Tourch web browser and an to...
BinarySense Inc.
1% remove
SSDlife is a small and intuitive SSD diagnostic tool that helps users obtain comprehensive information about their SSD drives and take timely action if any problems are detected. Once started, the pro...
BitTorrent Inc.
12% remove
µTorrent is a is a free, ad-supported, lighter-weight BitTorrent client designed to consume less resources then the full BitTorrent version. Some uTorrent installs include potentially unwanted applic...
Library Video Company
2% remove
Torch Media Inc.
40% remove
Torch Browser is a freeware Chromium based web browser and Internet suite developed by Torch Media. The browser handles common Internet-related tasks such as displaying websites, sharing websites via ...
VideoLAN Team
6% remove
VLC is a portable multimedia player, encoder, and streamer supporting many audio and video codecs and file formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It is able to stream over net...
VideoLAN Team
12% remove
VLC media player (also known as VLC) is a highly portable free and open-source cross-platform media player and streaming media server written by the VideoLAN project. VLC media player supports many au...

MalwareMalware detections

Based on 40+ industry antivirus scanners, 3 of them detected the following malware.
Antivirus engineEngine versionDetectionFile version
Antiy Labs AVL Virus/Win32.Xpaj.gen f7f037e44fc66d94a602ae0b611713ae
Antiy Labs AVL Virus/Win32.Xpaj 159f81998a5f52344bac986cef22292b
Bkav Security HW32.TsCabk.tsia 767c9945bb615b936e4e4624ad11a265

VersionsAll file variations of libxml_plugin.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
f7f037e44fc66d94a602ae0b611713ae ed8c37a10a13b9e6bf520e5584010f52bebee152 1.18 MB
ecb88e2e6db3e21cf973981973990847 6f69b4baecde7d7c827639bae66a20d7a324ff8f 1.15 MB
bbd7f02140dd7d4e5ec4dac002507ed8 b857ea7f7437dc7b912d903c6d71a4dda758f0b8 1.18 MB
8462393985300df56cc31ee00af91eb1 a1f606e439f4ca94fd9b1eec9b3c68b10a3ef48f 1.07 MB
26d3f361c2af314046345ae15996e03d ca9ac379cd514b338c8152b5ef969673f36e1691 1.18 MB
d81b7b88a73701310c227d841580e9ab 12da2a273fd007b2361207a0a10889bd76167321 1.18 MB
159f81998a5f52344bac986cef22292b 465b9d179bff83eec159aee7b89ba8028bbcb530 1.18 MB
6675a2c0af044380814e32b78c3904b1 b1380fc09566427149113525b77cb0969249a92c 1.08 MB
7af7b8acd701fc733576d99b268bd610 3d2b099bb53ef5dd22109bf2fcd3e5223b8dc1d6 1.08 MB
399ec02c7a87af41c9c6fadede5856c7 7baa7fedb71b8923f35beb489e3d20098cbe9cc6 1.23 MB
5ec2b36059d2d92795519fb57797d4e9 0da04d42806344eb769e8f89a85ab1d551d2ef01 1.23 MB
d13bc02faf5b4a863a3a0736207a7aea 4c08dfc803bab6dac3b17733cb66cb8c44993887 1.22 MB
c0f2354ed64fb0a05a644956dc923620 a8f23c1652032fdbc333f86221cdb6f814bf5265 1.18 MB
767c9945bb615b936e4e4624ad11a265 36edad125d6185aa80a22f2f8d7b7ce7a7bf99a5 1.23 MB
170995131729078338e1783bcbe1cfdf 4a3583de7a37997b00b16b087351e3d8f51ad17d 1.08 MB
8631f65cd6cbcc3091041acd84fa7684 246ea19b7a993e416dfdd8de32dabfdbbe876dd4 1.09 MB
c2617671f3365e600888a4171dcb2b40 43855aab45b4c5b21c63c70970e8ab12ae0fa4d7 1.22 MB
498c4db20f9db19783a2f60a71429cde 1eb956c370caecebaa449f305e9ef1cde910cefd 1.22 MB
9d85efd877042c04177bf4e31055cabb 5564ea3f38cf190321cbd56d94e9dec16489cf3a 1.19 MB
c9b5e6090cfe80e08cd311befbe6c3b0 9b1bd6ac4f333b8eeb4638157f63d31d9e3545a2 1.15 MB
60e8e3b95270b9df01141f3e5d2df11c 8bcdb92e52bf5e81334af66d27adcb1db72bffef 1.22 MB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Ultimate 32.73%
Windows 7 Home Premium 18.18%
Windows 8 9.09%
Windows Vista Home Premium 7.27%
Windows 8 Pro 5.45%
Windows 7 Home Basic 5.45%
Microsoft Windows XP 5.45%
Windows Vista Ultimate 3.64%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 3.64%
Windows 8.1 N 1.82%
Windows 8.1 1.82%
Windows 7 Professional 1.82%
Windows Seven Black Edition 1.82%
Windows 8 Release Preview 1.82%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 16.36% of libxml_plugin.dll.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 26.09%
Hewlett-Packard 23.91%
Acer 13.04%
Toshiba 13.04%
ASUS 13.04%
Samsung 6.52%
Lenovo 4.35%
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