12,8,957,0 15.63%
12,8,839,0 7.29%
12,1,317,0 1.04%
12,1,317,0 1.04%
12,1,231,0 5.21%
12,0,610,0 1.04%
12,0,610,0 1.04%
11,6,505,0 12.50%
11,6,505,0 1.04%
11,6,434,0 33.33%
11,6,434,0 11.46%
11,6,385,0 1.04%
11,6,385,0 1.04%
11,0,669,0 1.04%
11,0,669,0 2.08%
11,0,630,0 1.04%
9,15,126,0 1.04%
9,11,100,0 1.04%
9,0,260,0 1.04%



McAfee SecurityCenter by McAfee (Signed)

Remove McMISPPS.dll


There are 19 versions of mcmispps.dll in the wild, the latest version being 12,8,957,0. The average file size is about 171.5 KB. The file is a digitally signed and issued to McAfee by VeriSign. The programs ACL Components XI, Search Protect and Eclipse Web Client have been observed as installing specific variations of mcmispps.dll.

What is mcmispps.dll?

McAfee MISP Proxy Stub module for McAfee SecurityCenter is a security solution that allows users to monitor their computer's security status and to know instantly whether their computer's virus, spyware, e-mail, and firewall protection services are up-to-date. Most McAfee SecurityCenter builds offer trial subscriptions to McAfee’s security software. The program generates security alerts which notify users about emergency virus outbreaks and other important security related messages.

About mcmispps.dll (from McAfee)

McAfee SecurityCenter is comprehensive security that will deliver proactive protection and has been designed for your PC, with over 6,000 new online threats discovered everyday your McAfee software is


File name:mcmispps.dll
Publisher:McAfee, Inc.
Product name:McAfee SecurityCenter
Description:McAfee MISP Proxy Stub DLL
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\McAfee\MSC\mcmispps.dll
Issued to:McAfee
Authority (CA):VeriSign
Expiration date:Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of McAfee SecurityCenter.)
ACL Services Ltd.
2% remove
5% remove
A is a PC video game published by Activision. Double Helix is a video game created by Raven Software, a sequel to Soldier of Fortune.
ClickMeIn Limited
  86% remove
Astromenda/Astromendario may change your default search engine to add Astromenda's (or any of Astromenda's affiliates) search engine; Astromenda's search engine is provided free of charge, and provide...
ClickMeIn Limited
  86% remove
Client Connect LTD
  79% remove
Search Protect from Client Connect (formally Conduit, now a venture of Perion) is a homepage and search provider modifier that when installed will change the default web browser's home page and search...
Conduit Ltd.
  70% remove
ooVoo Video Chat Toolbar is a Community Toolbar by Conduit that runs in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox Web browsers. The toolbar collects and stores information about your web browsing and send...
9% remove
Rocket Mobile
  80% remove
Rocket Browser is a potentially unwanted program that integrates into the user's web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and will perform a number of functions mostly designed to generate advertising suppo...
  80% remove
Identified as a version of the CMI/ConvertAd family of malware ad-injectors, this adware which is typically bundled with third-party applications in unwanted software bundles will hijack the user's br...
Yahoo! Inc.
20% remove
Yahoo Install Manager manages Yahoo program downloads and installations. The install manager keeps track of such programs and assists in the installations to put things in their proper places.
Yahoo! Inc.
  51% remove
Yahoo! Toolbar is a toolbar that installs on the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, within the context of internet access functions. It allows access to several functions, including Yahoo! Search...

VersionsAll file variations of mcmispps.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
785a9b540d138e2f54785a4925b4a075 d9f2a477e68c6ea6f89e1c4cb905957070f1dbd7 237.2 KB
648bf8bcac3309b3278c01640c2cb22c e2db27fdf9e78d48bbcf2dbcf4f6c383a7795c2b 236.73 KB
acd149dd0c75e9f20b626577ff749eb2 9003bc6a6b49ad13503796be9497e350f6a9cb70 135.64 KB
ed4c26eb4b45b2be73af3fbb227e9779 c182a2e917c464d222d739219b8585f91587642c 164.83 KB
ff3cecde458e5c14dcde786d72430e02 e62b6f054c364fd3a8d482fd7bf658cc9990a606 164.4 KB
2513ed5b5eb525712b762db9d590d397 4e439a5fd0f269a5c24d9614e9f225971bde4c6c 133.71 KB
634f0d51e082bcbf98b81794c55c0d6b d48ed070dc538f272732e5bd5b008f101cefa8b4 163.4 KB
d711c5f257dd4528ffff24ebfe8c3678 b65ebd8ec0992e2f43d43e46f12b1e67a9253477 157.28 KB
716a027f16c8552b39bef1f69a0471db 613a5eae1e0e1ed7f3d9233fc00b28d15cf8b85c 131.12 KB
c354130f846f4dfe5483580ffaa9b0bc c777797b9dc20239d19d214a068ab9c821b3e65e 156.85 KB
d390cda2d132c6d8cc27db7e007970fa e7ca3d3584b12e089e84e0a1f07a5b27857a364e 130.69 KB
d52c7c4586761fe1048f300f65ea234e 6b608b40d9227a664d8102256b5fdcdd1725546a 130.69 KB
fbcf9d2c452430cd096722328c4c88d3 b1281a112b1c7d3b08358582b939cbf4dd7d8c3f 156.85 KB
cc271d56982efb99bf97f623eac49480 af48177518f71a96fe35540a3c1f16bd156d21b4 200.6 KB
ea4eafb9c4fec340bf69de659a10929b 7bb4ad36321453ed9f38a791a002d0d81793863e 228.77 KB
d25e223f3ee10d6985473276efbc5178 508ed4a6310b54db5d6d1d3ce05f785179259916 228.51 KB
45be775082a9ce630afc21d242d9635f d46fcde403cb927d5a91cc5fa74c2640ac1cd4bb 167.1 KB
44b1b83ebace4a8824d44d37e4244c7a 7bd356c16a1614c3965a0791aa7744b840dd76dc 167.1 KB
d1cbb158155f1469e46cfa64aa4cf343 34dc407db8831e58d142aaf776632a1a1c6462ae 167.1 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 39.58%
Windows 8 15.63%
Windows 8.1 8.33%
Windows Vista Home Premium 7.29%
Windows 8 Single Language 4.17%
Windows 7 Ultimate 4.17%
Microsoft Windows XP 4.17%
Windows 7 Starter 4.17%
Windows 7 Professional 3.13%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 3.13%
Windows 8.1 Single Language 2.08%
Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 1.04%
Windows 8 Pro 1.04%
Windows 7 Home Basic 1.04%
Windows 7 Ultimate N 1.04%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 64.58% of McAfee SecurityCenter.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 30.36%
ASUS 19.64%
Sony 14.29%
Acer 11.61%
Hewlett-Packard 10.71%
Toshiba 5.36%
Lenovo 3.57%
Intel 1.79%
Gateway 1.79%
Alienware 0.89%
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