6.0.5358.0 (WMP_11.060509-2009) 0.03%
6.0.5358.0 (WMP_11.060509-2009) 0.03%
12.0.9431.0 (winmain_bluemp.130615-1214) 0.21%
12.0.9431.0 (winmain_bluemp.130615-1214) 0.03%
12.0.9200.16384 (win8_rtm.120725-1247) 0.67%
12.0.9200.16384 (win8_rtm.120725-1247) 0.73%
12.0.9200.16384 (win8_rtm.120725-1247) 1.33%
12.0.9200.16384 (win8_rtm.120725-1247) 12.36%
12.0.8400.0 (winmain_win8rc.120518-1423) 0.06%
12.0.8400.0 (winmain_win8rc.120518-1423) 0.06%
12.0.8250.0 (winmain_win8beta.120217-1520) 0.03%
12.0.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255) 5.54%
12.0.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255) 43.53%
12.0.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255) 3.60%
12.0.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255) 16.27%
12.0.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255) 0.03%
12.0.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255) 0.03%
12.0.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255) 0.03%
11.0.6000.6324 (vista_rtm.061101-2205) 7.00%
11.0.6000.6324 (vista_rtm.061101-2205) 0.33%
11.0.6000.6324 (vista_rtm.061101-2205) 1.09%
11.0.5721.5262 (WMP_11.090130-1421) 1.36%
11.0.5721.5262 (WMP_11.090130-1421) 0.06%
11.0.5721.5262 (WMP_11.090130-1421) 0.03%
11.0.5721.5262 (WMP_11.090130-1421) 0.15%
11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) 4.42%
11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) 0.03%
11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) 0.27%
11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) 0.06%
11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) 0.24%
11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) 0.06%
11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) 0.09%
11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) 0.03%
11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) 0.06%
11.0.5721.5145 (WMP_11.061018-2006) 0.12%



Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service by Microsoft

Remove wmpnetwk.exe
This is a Windows system installed file with Windows File Protection (WFP) enabled.


wmpnetwk.exe has 35 known versions, the most recent one is 6.0.5358.0 (WMP_11.060509-2009). It is started as a Windows Service called 'A Windows Media Player hálózatmegosztási szolgáltatása' with the name 'WMPNetworkSvc' and described as “Consente di condividere il Catalogo multimediale di Windows Media Player con altri lettori e dispositivi multimediali in rete mediante Universal Plug and Play”. . It is also run with NETWORK SERVICE privileges. The average file size is about 1.03 MB. The programs Windows Media Player 11, Lecteur Windows Media 11 and AcidWax have been observed as installing specific variations of wmpnetwk.exe. During the process's lifecycle, the typical CPU resource utilization is about 0.0040% including both foreground and background operations. Addionally, typically read and write I/O disk operations is about 180.87 KB per minute for reads and 2.6 KB per minute for writes.

What is wmpnetwk.exe?

This service allows Media Player to share media with other computers on the network.

About wmpnetwk.exe (from Microsoft)

Designed by media lovers, for media lovers. Windows Media Player 12—available only in Windows 7—plays more music and video than ever, including Flip Video and unprotected songs from your iTunes librar


File name:wmpnetwk.exe
Publisher:Microsoft Corporation
Product name:Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Description:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\windows media player\wmpnetwk.exe
Original name:WMPNetwk.exe.mui
Windows Service
Service name:WMPNetworkSvc
Display name:A Windows Media Player hálózatmegosztási szolgáltatása
Description:“Consente di condividere il Catalogo multimediale di Windows Media Player con altri lettori e dispositivi multimediali in rete mediante Universal Plug and Play”

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.)
9% remove
Amazon Services LLC
6% remove
The Amazon MP3 Downloader is software you'll use along with Amazon Cloud Player to manage your music. The Downloader is a piece of software that streamlines the process of downloading by enabling you ...
Amazon Services LLC
4% remove
Amazon MP3 is an online music store owned and operated by Amazon MP3's catalog is accessible from the web site by searching for an artist or title name. To download purchased mu...
Cisco WebEx LLC
7% remove
Meet, collaborate, and share in a whole new way. It's easy to prepare because everything you need is in one place. Share anything on your computer and generate ideas fast. Next steps are crystal clear...
Cisco WebEx LLC
5% remove
WebEx Meetings for collaboration allows you take care of business more efficiently by eliminating back-and-forth email. Show documents, applications and your desktop to remote attendees in real time. ...
LG Electronics
11% remove
Microsoft Corporation
5% remove
Windows Media Player 11 was included with Vista with no updates, final release on XP. Windows Media Player is a media player and media library application developed by Microsoft that is used for play...
Microsoft Corporation
5% remove
Obtenez le Lecteur Windows Media pour votre version de Windows ou découvrez comment lire des fichiers Windows Media sur votre Mac. Obtenez de l'aide et des procédures relatives à votre version du Lect...
Microsoft Corporation
9% remove
Fix Windows Media Player video, and other media or library issues. Windows Media Player may not be set up correctly and may not run as expected. Windows Media Player may have to run the first time set...
Olsen Software
6% remove
Olsen Software
1% remove
11% remove
Apache OpenOffice (AOO) is an open-source office productivity software suite containing word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics, formula editor, and database management applications. OpenO...
PG Music Inc.
7% remove
Skype Technologies S.A.
5% remove
Skype is a proprietary Voice over IP service and software application. The service allows users to communicate with peers by voice using a microphone, video by using a webcam, and instant messaging ov...


(Note, the behaviors below are for all versions of wmpnetwk.exe, select a unique version for details.)
Runs under 'SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services' by the Service Controller (services.exe)

VersionsAll file variations of wmpnetwk.exe

MD5SHA-1File size
4f51f2688c51520211c3810c8548e639 6925227946b67805ce3cf8e050d9b7cb75733a80 804.5 KB
2fde7e721a16fb2ca57f538850270041 c72b2b84a8e3c2df36746ccb265c5c33c5027565 804.5 KB
5fe0209b2092ccacc3f4bb9151f17135 147b26610e5f5988bded99741683967b07eb9369 1.34 MB
f01841cbdf7ffea9adeed9e13e38a353 e5fde9f589215d89ad56e52d101a985297b15e6a 1.07 MB
c8d9bb66227b6309d1e394c7e02d40f2 e15e8ad983e873535882f4a9722d428c56a61cfd 1001.5 KB
ad3f5c06a4bc9a582ba82da0b385f34d 6e5f7187722256d263bab86d93683f0f8e0d6ae5 1.25 MB
207cb1c1770997621c1798e78eadcbbd 81558e9c458a31630adb6ef192a931456ec466f6 1001.5 KB
49709b93d611fcf6401388f628e283ff f32ffc1700c49e5cad3ee6dbb595e72722236af2 1.25 MB
c668928046b797d37d0d6c63a34b14a1 a2b1c57e4c77c100e9707b8d09f947c481861634 1.24 MB
e1f5ba344c10d1a2fa107efed95d0e70 d499be8806248b789e1da83533b8411ee09ad0c9 990.5 KB
ce5b2eeb69baec99a263e12c07bc8778 02be638fae7ab65e3e980989a0a1d068fbdc5474 1.13 MB
77fbd400984cf72ba0fc4b3489d65f74 5c5feb6189d7c3e0415ef1236028b7112743ac0f 1.07 MB
a9f3bfc9345f49614d5859ec95b9e994 64638c3ff08eecd62e2b24708cf5b5f111c05e3d 1.45 MB
9bf014c20f91d97055532f2f5496e7bd 7e1a57947ec51a1c3f7574544d634ccb0e315242 1.45 MB
3b40d3a61aa8c21b88ae57c58ab3122e 77298efb673f13c768924f67724e4201a4dbc6c0 1.07 MB
140029c1f4a44b45b455377f0bfe610b 5afaba4e8417cb01fb808300d3dddcb686e7aa5b 1.09 MB
e874d39c2b3527e846bb2d8ce45001c8 f8e28265a36371e5181225a6e1ad25da767d3b6b 1.45 MB
16c57ff062e03b08e09d24e9bfbed048 0bdd2ed735bd57a840a6633fa925b5c7ce9e07c3 1.45 MB
3978704576a121a9204f8cc49a301a9b eea2ba177cfced1e9f5ed4929243749fdf6519aa 875.5 KB
acb2e63d50157e3ea7140f29d9e76a48 7a11d510ea426d67f8bcb3584028272fbb27db0e 874.5 KB
56382a5eb85a25446745e3bd6d50a3a5 176a0ac16b167fed09fc90b9a884accb437fb323 1.16 MB
6bab4dc65515a098505f8b3d01fb6fe5 577447eda713cb328b563085e0128daa92b05576 892 KB
983185da2f7fca19f700002ef0fd2ffe e57340adf8186203564918126c40a006964f9208 895 KB
e3f091c0f8fcf97ccd86fb6c1beef185 f061d52de9518de7c017cb5de4dcecf31eb267de 896 KB
da5103d5400a7d321ebc84b940272153 538354bd2d3deccbd2abec185980ddd183a0665a 897.5 KB
f74e3d9a7fa9556c3bbb14d4e5e63d3b 5cdf1ab397c196bd73e21cf6681236755560aac3 892 KB
6ee45ad8dbef8785b8cd312736626ebe 6e66844c4798bbf568c508bda3db0e882a78c82c 893 KB
c9bea742ce225cc993c9465fddae4656 adeaf917fcc1d6209508b47eba535bec7a20a0af 896.5 KB
de188dd69ca74b1512adc5a7639523b2 3fcef5fac04555f536cf1a7ef9c07d095ced2b6c 891 KB
6782482a8ca4b5b5dab4ef0ad78db08f 3b885672f18ee95c66cd9675251fdb07b6775d27 895 KB
c12d2a4923a1370a99a8fe4e79d40420 3953f291dd0489b77317efb72cd2e4281bd048ac 894.5 KB
bf05650bb7df5e9ebdd25974e22403bb a4fd5ff91778c1cc8b2db5323a662ed310c5ebf4 899 KB
efd0218c157dbfc71cf88df8ff6ed100 a2aa8ebed3172ad8f9d58eebf153be7cb7506e9d 897.5 KB
30ce9f2f4cdff202bbd23e2ca4f085fa c41033871025d2c19726541b86f1563fd8c47191 893.5 KB
a7f9f537a9c86554a24cd2df73e69dd1 a6864dee8a70116b237c83c0856eb0573e18410c 876 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 53.25%
Windows 7 Ultimate 24.25%
Windows 7 Professional 9.00%
Windows Vista Home Premium 3.50%
Microsoft Windows XP 3.50%
Windows 7 Home Basic 1.75%
Windows 8 Pro 1.25%
Windows 8.1 Pro Preview 1.25%
Windows 7 Starter 1.00%
Windows Seven Black Edition 0.50%
Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation 0.50%
Windows Vista Home Basic 0.25%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 45.98% of Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 25.24%
Hewlett-Packard 16.20%
ASUS 14.69%
Acer 11.68%
Toshiba 11.30%
Sony 4.90%
Lenovo 3.01%
Intel 2.64%
Samsung 2.07%
MSI 1.51%
Alienware 0.94%
Gateway 0.75%
Compaq 0.75%
NEC 0.75%
Sahara 0.56%
Medion 0.38%
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