12,8,709,0 13.56%
12,8,705,0 8.47%
12,8,704,0 0.85%
12,1,212,0 0.85%
12,1,212,0 0.85%
12,1,183,0 4.24%
12,0,354,0 0.85%
12,0,354,0 0.85%
12,0,354,0 1.69%
11,6,284,0 14.41%
11,6,284,0 0.85%
11,6,277,0 27.12%
11,6,277,0 10.17%
11,6,275,0 0.85%
11,6,247,0 0.85%
11,6,247,0 5.08%
11,0,320,0 0.85%
11,0,320,0 0.85%
11,0,320,0 1.69%
11,0,320,0 0.85%
11,0,320,0 0.85%
11,0,320,0 0.85%
9,15,101,0 0.85%
9,11,103,0 0.85%
9,0,207,0 0.85%



McAfee SecurityCenter by McAfee (Signed)

Remove McUtil.dll


mcutil.dll has 25 known versions, the most recent one is 12,8,709,0. The average file size is about 312.35 KB. It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to McAfee by the certification authority VeriSign. The programs McAfee Family Protection, Family Protection and Intel Anti-Theft Service have been observed as installing specific variations of mcutil.dll.

What is mcutil.dll?

McAfee Utility for McAfee SecurityCenter is a security solution that allows users to monitor their computer's security status and to know instantly whether their computer's virus, spyware, e-mail, and firewall protection services are up-to-date. Most McAfee SecurityCenter builds offer trial subscriptions to McAfee’s security software. The program generates security alerts which notify users about emergency virus outbreaks and other important security related messages.

About mcutil.dll (from McAfee)

McAfee SecurityCenter is comprehensive security that will deliver proactive protection and has been designed for your PC, with over 6,000 new online threats discovered everyday your McAfee software is


File name:mcutil.dll
Publisher:McAfee, Inc.
Product name:McAfee SecurityCenter
Description:McAfee Utility DLL
Typical file path:C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mcafee\MSC\mcutil\11,6,247,0\mcutil.dll
Issued to:McAfee
Authority (CA):VeriSign
Expiration date:Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ResourcesPrograms installed in

(Note, the programs listed below are for all versions of McAfee SecurityCenter.)
McAfee, Inc.
7% remove
McAfee Family Protection protects children of all ages from exposure to inappropriate content, social networking risks, strangers, and other threats. McAfee Family Protection is proven to be easy-to-u...
McAfee, Inc.
4% remove
Manage Internet use and prevent exposure to inappropriate content, social networking risks, strangers, and other threats when your children go online. McAfee Family Protection protects children of all...
McAfee, Inc.
5% remove
Intel Anti-Theft Technology helps deter data and asset theft, keeping personal information personal. Activate the Intel AT-enabled service available in various markets today. If your Ultrabook™ or lap...
McAfee, Inc.
12% remove
McAfee Anti-Theft protects your personal documents, financial records and other important files on your PC against thieves, hackers and others. Using powerful industry-standard encryption technology, ...
McAfee, Inc.
7% remove
Intel Anti-Theft Technology (Intel AT) protects against theft of laptops, making them useless to thieves with immediate extinction. If you recover all your data can be quickly reactivated and the comp...
McAfee, Inc.
4% remove
Intel Anti-Theft Technology helps deter data and asset theft, keeping personal information personal. Activate the Intel AT-enabled service available in various markets today. If your Ultrabook™ or lap...

VersionsAll file variations of mcutil.dll

MD5SHA-1File size
6a51f8bd7fc3e4a60adb9068a7da1de9 00e12748faab445239a46c06e893c49c9af84792 405.73 KB
85805688aa4b388f92e2d6b86599d46c 345158f80dde94206437cc63112af8e79999539b 405.26 KB
dba5a4bc4e794cb9d4ad9bf3977357ca 7d6886b2e3a07ef6e5b0a63efdacc591a3af6954 405.76 KB
6acc4cea2b1812a045c6a335982083f1 6fb0a48bb0011cd0c37ff0f80a8314a1ff1f407e 310.65 KB
409e4c2e8ded0a525788034b1e52940c a140637a7f96c99fc9bd96d9213c65160b7b9ff8 390.66 KB
e21aca2f36b26282971fabfc5da3fed4 bbc0af607b5447eca85668d840600b65289f9bd6 383.16 KB
beb370b70705d5729b4e5875eb13c94e 37e376008ef36de5ac86692bf0814cde38992ad4 256.91 KB
ccdeaa9705605a86b60acda87a5ce810 f7b650c8925466b24bcd4f2283e6d0d50b4a286a 256.91 KB
d116e9e0d6f6d751d56641103d0f786a 046c90bf3b7b8959cf0d14f61c09bd317a7b673f 315.31 KB
715aca6183d52166503592925e166ce7 dbe4f5c91a44f8749cbf923a735e61210bdd4e2f 385.64 KB
2b6a50e02964f053d9cbcd987e12a996 094d7e6ad8c10a0f697e58f4e2392074ed08d2a2 307.63 KB
254c46a466484d4169dff44b29f6a979 9ecff3945d64da7095f793695323345ae580a80e 381.71 KB
2e50b9e0c0647475116247dce4357161 9dde7920b428c599f05e8531969ffba537b5cf3c 305.7 KB
11576e9569eab978b712c60a5741b23b 233f660458a71c55676cc2d712dbb6506b49776e 382.21 KB
5ec1d085cea3af915880443839ee0ba2 b284ddb57a2f186f04cf66bddef66024ddfd1140 243.82 KB
a4d2c99e36ead85bf095d7190e088921 a003391ba9c37ce8a91656ee7bca02d828e0df7f 298.7 KB
62fc30fbec3139ddb0a60fa925ef4b30 3f2b6416582a39f68dead857ea536cb4e5055aca 261.67 KB
b6aed50da5b035bbc8e6977c14b7f9d2 b877a7552db7f3f5044e246325a514f5c90ee51a 261.67 KB
32bc5d980cfba16aaad9bf8d6b9edee1 b2d43ce05bdfd985f8b2a55e384fa94fe41957d1 318.52 KB
8ef71eb00c436a9ead43837982a8c654 9f404349fc96b7c2c3a606fce74ad3911fd964d3 261.67 KB
73a1d2d3c2cd5e5ac03b522918c7c0bb 3bf602e4dc3a7429aad30243f12de11ed15da688 318.52 KB
d94e43f7dcc9fc31f0b765adb00d45a3 8869c9c74819d894b3c973469ca08f789dcffaa5 318.52 KB
d31e75588c0a4a928b0cda31f78207ec 6225b5ad1381191d5f72eb25e5faa5d57fbfdb42 210.81 KB
0bfbb3021e6d9c5b280a8b44e5139546 9ed72ed026a922ab98ada2049fcfe8858d6987cb 210.81 KB
b2d05417b14411eafd5284685edd9850 9e8e30ceab3d266b766026d761ee3a6a3397effd 210.81 KB

Windows OS versionsDistribution by Windows OS

OS versiondistribution
Windows 7 Home Premium 36.44%
Windows 8 16.95%
Windows 8.1 11.02%
Windows Vista Home Premium 7.63%
Windows 8 Single Language 4.24%
Windows 8.1 Single Language 3.39%
Windows 7 Ultimate 3.39%
Microsoft Windows XP 3.39%
Windows 7 Starter 3.39%
Windows 7 Professional 2.54%
Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 2.54%
Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 1.69%
Windows 8 Pro 1.69%
Windows 7 Home Basic 0.85%
Windows 7 Ultimate N 0.85%

Distribution by countryDistribution by country

United States installs about 61.02% of McAfee SecurityCenter.

OEM distributionDistribution by PC manufacturer

PC Manufacturerdistribution
Dell 26.39%
ASUS 22.22%
Sony 13.89%
Acer 11.11%
Hewlett-Packard 9.03%
Toshiba 6.94%
Lenovo 5.56%
NEC 1.39%
Intel 1.39%
Gateway 1.39%
Alienware 0.69%
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